With HYLA breathing is an experience

The HYLA EST machine is an air purifier that uses water to bind dust with moisture, preventing it from circulating in the air and settling down on surfaces once cleaning is finished. Think about how coughing and sneezing increases as we stir up dust while cleaning our homes. All of that stirred up dust makes its way into the air we breathe.

With the HYLA EST, the airborne dust is filtered into the machine and turned to wet dust not allowing it to circulate back into the air. The wet dust is then dispensed with the water from the tank leaving your home and the air you breathe cleaner and healthier.

Vacuuming causes the same type of dust agitation that sends it into the air we breathe. The HYLA EST works as a vacuum as well, trapping dust securely in its water tank without the need for dusty vacuum bags or filters.

The HYLA EST works to clean the air in your home even when you’re not cleaning. After just a few weeks, owners of the HYLA EST experience up to 80% less household dust.

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